Manitoba Healthy Women Campaign

Manitoba Healthy Women is an organization I created for a campaign fighting for better funding and access to reproductive health care for Manitoban women. This campaign’s goal is to provide funding and better access to reproductive healthcare and get people to understand that reproductive health is healthcare and needs to be treated as such.

I designed this logo for the MHW organization I created. I illustrated the silhouette of a woman’s face and the well-known symbol for health. The MHW is stable, strong, outspoken and focuses on women. The brand and logo needed to reflect this, so I chose Dunbar Text, a more feminine colour palette and to create balance and symmetry to catch your eye.
Here are some expressions to help the brand become more adhesive and spread awareness.

Covid-19 Mask

This expression allows people to gather to protest while still being safe and caters to the times we are in now.

Tote Bag

A bag is carried around everywhere you go. The message and brand will be made aware this way.


Here is the website for Manitoba Healthy Women. Users will learn more about the organization, and its campaign, donate, find out events and scheduled protests and the details.


A mug is also an expression that people take with them in many places, most commonly work, which can further spread awareness.


This expression can be worn anytime anywhere.